About Us

Our main goal at 4 Elements Massage Clinic is, and always will be to address the four areas of life that are most affected by stress, anxiety, and tension on a daily basis. Mental, Social and Emotional relaxation are each as important as Physical Relaxation. 4 Elements is a full-service massage clinic offering various massage services, reflexology, specialized treatments and much more. We have been in business for nearly 10 years and have grown and expanded to a new location in 2018. We owe our success to our amazing clients and staff. We recognize that the way you succeed in a service industry is by providing exceptional customer service and care. We treat our clients like family and are focused on continually improving and growing to best suit our client’s needs and provide an individualized experience at our clinic. We have a professional trained and talented staff to meet your needs. We invite you to come and see what makes 4 Elements different from any other massage therapist in Lethbridge. 

Keep your hearts and spirits light!
4 Elements Massage Clinic Staff!