Careers in Massage Therapy

We offer and provide everything a therapist needs to thrive in their career:

Full-time reception services Monday – Saturday
CPP & EI deductions
Vacation Pay
Guaranteed hourly pay (a great benefit when it comes to No show or last minute cancellations)
Additional commission from each massage
Group Benefits Package
Additional Staff Incentives and Continued Education Perks
All massage, cleaning, and laundry supplies
Furnished rooms with all equipment and linens
Free Wifi
Handling of all insurance company and direct billings
All advertising services


See what our team says about working at 4 Elements Massage Clinic:

“It’s a pleasant working atmosphere with friendly & drama free coworkers. It’s convenient to have linens and oils supplied.”

“The atmosphere: Friendly vibes from the therapists within the clinic. Helping people stay well and active.”

“It was different when I chose to work here in that I liked the family atmosphere & liked how everyone seemed to help each other out.”

“I’ve loved seeing how we have grown professionally, ethically, and as a staff; caring for clients and each other. We love making clients feel like they are at home and in a safe welcoming space.”

“Working at 4 Elements is great! The atmosphere is very friendly and homey. Everyone gets along and the clients are fantastic. I think we are different from other clinics because we aren’t just another massage business. We are a family.”

“I like coming to work every day because we are a family atmosphere. We support each other & help each other. You always have someone to lean on when you need it. I chose to work here because it is a very welcoming environment.”


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